WONDRBOX Means of Transport Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

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WONDRBOX Means of Transport Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids for Age 3 4 5 Years Boys and Girls, Set of 4, Size 10X8 inches
This puzzle is a mix of fun and education. The kids are guaranteed to remain occupied for hours together thanks to its attractive and colorful design. The puzzles are sure to improve your kid’s hand eye coordination, techniques for recognizing different colors and shapes, problem solving skills, confidence and more. The puzzle is easy to carry, thus giving your kids complete entertainment wherever they go. It can be played independently or in the company of friends or family.

✅. Zero gap puzzle: this jigsaw puzzle has zero gaps in the puzzle pieces. So, the final puzzle will look great without any gaps

✅. Educational: This jigsaw puzzle provides educational value to the kids. The knowledge is well taught with this colourful jigsaw puzzle set.

✅. Great For Gifting: Coming in a sturdy box, this puzzle is an exceptional gift for kids. Round out the hands-on play experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun

✅. Skill Development: Increase your child’s concentration and problem-solving skills with this puzzle set. It also helps in improving the colour recognition, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.; all Unique Pieces: The puzzle is specially designed with unique pieces. So, you will not be able to fit a piece if its not at the correct position because of the unique size of each piece.

2 reviews for WONDRBOX Means of Transport Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids

  1. Divya

    Pro: The puzzles are bright, well cut out and colourful. Individual cloth bag for storage is provided. My 3 year old enjoys them a lot.

    Con: The frame is very thin (see picture) and flimsy. It can be easily bent by a toddler. So I prefer to supervise. Since frame and pieces are thin it is difficult to put them in the cloth bag provided.

    To the wondrbox team: Kindly increase the thickness of the product.

  2. Shweta

    As far as screen time is concerned, we absolutely have no issues. But the moment I step into the kitchen is where the drama starts. “Mumma, I want to add the veggies,can I get a bowl with water,
    let me stir fry and much much more.
    As much as I want this lil helper to get involved , it gets hard for me to cook a decent meal.
    That’s where puzzles come to my rescue. Have umpteen number of them and Currently, LO is hooked onto @thewondrbox puzzle .The transport theme puzzle works best coz ,it’s just so easy to assemble them .It consists of 4 different modes of transport and are super colourful adding that element of joy in each piece. They are not too bulky and can be carried around .
    At times, LO needs a lil help,but that’s ok and just giving that lil push helps him concentrate better.
    But y puzzles??
    🧩They help kids understand the concept of patience, boosts mental development and triggers their thinking capacity.
    🧩Shape recognition, hand eye co-ordination, strategy management and fine motor skills sharpen.
    🧩Looking at the big picture, they teach them the concept of fractions in a plain and simple way ,in turn teaching them the concept of a whole.
    When to start using puzzles?
    🧩We started way too early when kiddo was just 8months old. Block puzzles which were sturdy and handy were the first , moving onto puzzles which were made of a lighter material.

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