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Welcome to ‘Wondr Box’

How it works?

Select the Age Group

You’ll find activity sets for kids apt to their age and development. There are four different age groups all having fun learning activities for your kids based on their development. Choose one and you’ll get the first box as a trial pack for free right at your doorstep.

It’s all about unleashing the creativity within your kid!

Boxful of Activities Delivered Every Month

Right after your trial box, you’ll receive experiment kits for kids every month delivered right at your doorstep. You can every time choose the interests. For instance, some may go for science experiment kits for kids while others may choose interactive learning games.

Every child is different, we understand!

Fun-Learning Experience Starts Here

With monthly subscriptions and experiment kits for kids delivered right at your doorstep, your kids explore the world of science, maths, arts and crafts and more in a fun yet the learning way. They gain hands-on experience, education with play with friendships to kindle.

Learning and fun go hand in hand here!

Why Wondr Box

Thinking back to when we were in school, our schedule featured music, painting, sculpting and many more activities. Now have a look at the schedule of a child today and painting has become an extracurricular activity. Kids now complete handouts and sit through classes, taking endless notes.

The hands-on experience, however, is thought as the key to building a well rounded student. It’s rightly said, “What we learn with pleasure we never forget.” That’s when the Wondr Box comes in the picture. We provide with experiment kits for kids that inspire them to be creators, artists, makers and scientists and keep them engaged constructively with fun-filled yet educational activities throughout their school holidays and even after that.

Education with Play

Thinking about admitting your kid to a summer arts and crafts, a science or a maths class and spend a huge amount of money on that? Well, gone are the days when you had to think about how to engage your kids in tuitions to advance their knowledge. Play is no more to be considered as a relief from serious learning with the all new experiment kits for kids such as science kits and a range of interactive learning games for kids available at Wondr Box. Here play is truly the work of childhood and so is the fun learning.

Indoor Fun Learning Activities for Kids

Convincing your kids to not play under the harmful UV radiations of the sun will no more be a real bear or an ordeal by fire. With the fun learning activities for kids by Wondr Box, your kids will not only get engaged in games meant for indoor play areas but they will also explore the world of arts and crafts, science, maths and more. It’s our responsibility to teach in a way the child can learn if a child cannot learn in the way we teach.

Friendships to Kindle

It’s an open secret now that friendships develop life skills that help increasing your kid’s wisdom, confidence and even self-esteem. With the interactive learning games for kids within our craft boxes at Wondr Box, your child is going to curtail the use of video games, texting and other electronics. And instead they’ll learn to create interesting and collaborative activities. It’s all about learning the meaning of true friendship and creating memories to fall back on, remembering how joyful it was to hang out with friends.

Development of their Hidden Talent

Every child is different and so should be the activity sets for kids. While one wants to explore the universe the other might be curious about the geometrical shapes. For kids, the world is but a canvas of imagination. To respect the talent hidden within your child, we create craft boxes depending on their growth rate – and it’s their choice to grow to a King of their Trades or the upcoming Saviors of the World.

What’s inside a box?

Age 3-4

World of Toddlers

When baby-sitting becomes a chore and you want to keep your little one engaged, thrilled and off TV!

Buy now

Age 5-7

The Curious Minds

To enhance the creativity and the inquisitiveness within your kids in the age when children’s brain development is the fastest!

Buy now

Age 8-10

The Little Explorers

For the kids who turn explorers, understand the real-world objects and develop problem solving skills.

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Age 11+

Upcoming Conquerors

Experiment kits for kids to help your child do well in school, challenge them to think, learn & apply scientific principles.

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World of Toddlers

Keeping your little munchkin off TV, mobile and even mischief will no more be a task. The World of Toddlers has all the creative objects that you want your child to be engaged in. From puzzles to understand the life cycles to drawings with shapes, this Wondr Box includes items that lead to a good number of fun activities that keep your tiny tot occupied.

Age Group : 3 – 4

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The Curious Minds

Keeping in mind that kids from age 5-7 are in the age when children’s brain development is the fastest, the difficulty level in the Wondr Box for The Curious Minds has all it takes to set free the curiosity of your kid. The craft box will include stuff that’ll answer the inquisitive questions and activities that’ll turn your little one to a little astronaut, little detective, little storyteller and what not.

Age Group : 5 – 7

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The Little Explorers

The Wondr Box for The Little Explorers is all about exploring the interests within your kid. From diving into the inside of the World Wide Web, kids will fly up to the Milky Way and explore the solar system in a fun-learning way. Learning will no more be boring with the real-world objects that’ll thrill your kid, unlike the textbooks. Each month there will a Wondr Box with objects that prove that play is the highest form of research.

Age Group : 8 – 10

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Upcoming Conquerors

The Wondr Box for the Upcoming Conquerors will have all the stuff that it takes to turn learning into fun. Learning through the experiment kits for kids is learning with pleasure that they’ll never forget. Their creativity will lead them to think and thinking will certainly provide knowledge. With this must-buy box your kids will seek their first independent project and so they’ll go beyond the rote learning and understand the concepts and applications.

Age Group : 11+

Buy now

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

All our Wondr Boxes are carefully chosen to be a lot of fun so that children naturally get drawn to them. Since the kids get something different each month, they keep coming back to it to discover the new things. Even studies have shown that children who self-discover get brilliant at research. Self-discovery is the key to real education, after all.

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What The Parents Say

Awesome Product! I have taken a 3-month subscription and really amazed with the themes. First time I have seen a game on our real superhero. My 8-year-old son is truly inspired by Dr. Kalam’s life and achievement after preparing a scrapbook. Making a paper satellite was challenging but at last, we made it. Such kind of games are very intellectual and give a sense of accomplishment in the child.

Akash Aggarwal

I have taken 6 months subscription for age 5-7 group. Every month, my 6-year daughter waits eagerly for WondrBox. She maid a bird feeder and kept it outside for birds. Also, love the concept where activities are curriculum based. It helps to understand the concept of her syllabus in a fun learning way.

Preeti Sharma

I came to know about WondrBox through a friend and well, I was quite convinced about it keeping my child engaged with good stuff. So, I ordered for 3 months subscription. Now my 4-year old kiddo solves problems with maths and science games! Very much satisfied! Thankyou WondrBox.

Reena Ahuja

I am impressed with the neat packaging. Not to forget the clear instructions. Gone are the days when I used to get involved with such games, but Wondr Box has made it very easy for me to explain the various stuff in the kit to my kid. The projects are amazingly innovative and surely better than textbooks! Love it!

Mansi Rawat


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watch this video and know exactly how you can keep your kid busy, happy and learning.

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