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Learn to Make Beautiful DIY Paper Mache Bowl

We are sure that your kids will be excited to hold onto something they have managed to create. They can craft this bowl of any size for jewelry in their rooms, as presents or for a fruit bowl for their house. The options of its usage are just endless.

What You Need:

  • Ample of recycled paper, for instance: wrappers of lollypop, colored paper, colored foil, envelopes, comics, newspaper, magazines, wrapping paper
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Newspapers ripped into small pieces/ strips (4-5cm wide and at least 15cm in length).
  • A balloon
  • A wide cup/ small bowl
  • Vaseline
  • Scissors
  • Homemade glue
  • Strip of card, around 2cm x 25 cm
  • Stapler
  • Masking tape


To Make Bowl:

  1. Spread the newspaper on the table.
  2. Blow up the balloon and tie it up with a knot.
  3. Spread plenty of Vaseline all over it.
  4. Make the balloon sit in the cup in a way that the knot faces into the cup.
  5. Spread some paste on the top half of the balloon using the paintbrush.
  6. Use the strips of newspaper to cover this top half of the balloon.
  7. Make the newspaper wet with the glue.
  8. Paste the strips horizontally and vertically to add strength to the bowl.
  9. If you get an air bubble or glue lump, rip a smaller bit of newspaper and compress it tightly over it to smooth it out.
  10. Now use the glue to cover the ends that haven’t been glued down properly.
  11. Add minimum of 6 layers of newspaper and paste to the top half of the balloon.
  12. Allow it to dry in a hot, sunny place for the day.
  13. Remove the newspaper mould from the balloon when it dries up completely.
  14. Now trim off the irregular edges with the help of scissors.

To Make a Base for the Bowl:

  1. Turn the bowl upside down.
  2. Create a loop with the strip of card, and staple it.
  3. Fix the loop to the bottom of the bowl using masking tape.
  4. Use some glue and cover it with newspaper pieces or strips. Leave it to dry.
  5. Once the bowl and base are totally dry, you can decorate it.
  6. You can cover it completely using your selected paper and glue.
  7. You can paint if you wish.
  8. Adorn till you cover all the newspaper strips with color and patterns.

Isn’t this craft activity interesting? Kids will have fun during this activity.

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