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Augment Your Preschool With WondrBox Curriculum Program

With WondrBox Curriculum Program, you can scale your preschool with ease and boost your admissions

Welcome to WondrBox!

WondrBox is an innovative theme-based and age-appropriate activity kits created for the nursery and kindergarten children. WondrBox kits are designed to encourage creativity and curiosity through experiential play and hands-on exploration.

We are an enthusiastic brigade of parents, teachers, illustrators, product designers and early childhood development experts. Wondrbox is our brainchild and is a play-based activity cum learning kit.

What we offer…

Structured Curriculum Enrichment Programs

WondrBox is a thoughtful blend of play based Montessori teaching methodology and the teacher academic program. When planning lessons and activities, our emphasis is on fun, enjoyment, and challenge.

We aim to encourage a child to adopt a positive attitude towards learning which will provide a solid foundation for their future education. 

Curriculum Enrichment Program Includes –

  • Theme based lesson plans, material, and supplies for every child.

  • Parent Communication Newsletter

  • Child Progress report


Teacher’s grooming and guidance program

WondrBox teacher’s orientation program encourages the teacher’s confidence and helps them to adapt to the teaching environment. It provides instructional theory lectures with a hands-on learning experience.

It is for a better and simplified understanding of Early Childhood theories with the execution and implementation in a preschool classroom

Classroom Resources

We provide monthly theme-based bright, colorful and stimulating classroom learning resources and decor that add a little spark to the room.

It includes –

  • Monthly theme based classroom posters

  • Monthly celebration displays

  • Theme based attractive attendance board

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