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5 Anger Management Tips for Children

Does your child lash out or scrap his room when he gets crazy? Here’s how to help him deal with his tough emotions and discontinue his bad behavior.
Let us say for example your 7-year-old misplaced his lunch money at school and on top of it his play date canceled. So, it is quite obvious that he gets angry. He slams his Lego tower against the wall that sends the bricks in the air far and wide. Do you feel that displaying his anger this way might make him a violent adult in the future? Disappointment and annoyance are common emotions, and kids require a strong physical release for them. But to securely pass on his feelings, you can make him:

  1. Dash around the living room or main room in your home 50 times or any number o f times. He will be in a restricted space, the counting will divert him and he will soon get exhausted.
  2. Go into a blocked area (like the bathroom or a big closet or the basement) and scream at the top of his voice. This provides him with a safe place to vent without shouting out at younger siblings or any other member of the family.
  3. Karate-chop a big portion of wrapping paper. It creates a satisfying ripping noise and makes him feel influential. Go out and make faces at you through the window.
  4. Sprint around the house and repeat. After a few times, this is liable to melt into a giggling fit.
  5. Throw mud at a tree. He will get muddled, but he can’t hurt anything.

So, through these easy ways you can control the anger of your kid.
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