WondrBox learning and educational toy – Emotion Kingdom (4-in-1)activity kit for 3-5 year old


Product ID: WONDR1000

Emotion Kingdom

Box Includes:

25 animals cut-outs, 1 express-your-feeling board games, 4 cubes coloring activity, 1 Vocabulary building activity

  • 1) Emotion piggy bank – Creative DIY craft project to make expression filled money saving bank. It will boost a child's creativity.
  • 2) Trace and Memorize – 4 clean and wipe flash cards to write and practice feeling and expression words. It will help kids to remember words.
  • 3) Animal Emotions – This 25 animal cut-outs will build the child's numeracy skills. The child with a count, sort and classify happy, sad, angry, fearful and surprised faces.
  • 4) Emotion Mood train – 3 players game to build communication and talk about expression. It will improve social skills and kids will be expressive.

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Product Description

  • 4-in-1 activity kit for kids that inspire them to be creators, artists, makers, and scientists and keep them engaged constructively with fun-filled yet educational activities. Suitable for Age 3+
  • Fun engaging games to develop the cognitive skills and to keep kids away from TV/Mobile


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