WondrBox educational toy – SuperMarket Fun (4-in-1) activity kit for 3-5 year old


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SuperMarket Fun

Box Includes:

WondrBox SuperMarket Fun Educational Game: A complete Maths, Science, English, and Craft learning kit(16 Solid and Liquid classification learning game, Shapes Matching activity, 8 Grocery Word Puzzles, 1 poster coloring)

  • 1) Paint the store – Paint the pictures with expressive vibrancy. It provides them with a platform to let their creativity flow in full swing.
  • 2) Grocery word puzzle – Solve grocery 8 interesting words puzzle games and child will love to put 3 pieces all together and start learning commonly used grocery words.
  • 3) Grocery Shape mats – In this shape matching games, kids will learn to form a shape of fruits and vegetables.
  • 4) Solid and Liquid classification – 16 rings to sort solid and liquid items which are commonly bought in the grocery shopping. The kid will learn the state of matter for example – Jam, bread, cookies, chips, juices and etc.

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Product Description

  • 4-in-1 activity kit for kids that inspire them to be creators, artists, makers and scientists and keep them engaged constructively with fun-filled yet educational activities. Suitable for Age 3+
  • Fun engaging games to develop the cognitive skills and to keep kids away from TV/Mobile


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