WondrBox educational toy – Money Sense (4-in-1 ) learning games for 8 year old


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Money Sense

Box Includes:

ATM making kit, 20 pieces money transaction card games, Banking terms word search crossword puzzle, piggy bank making kit

  • 1) Money Piggy bank – Cultivate the habit of saving by making a piggy bank. Super fun DIY activity to spark creativity in a child.
  • 2) ATM kit – Innovative DIY Educational kit which provides hands-on experience in building creative models with the learning of basic working principle behind it.
  • 3) Word Search game – Solve crossword puzzle and build banking terms vocabulary like accounts, debit, credit and more.
  • 4) Money Marathon – Discover the joy of math. Play this play card game with friends and family and explore the fun side of math by doing money transaction.
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Product Description

  • 5-in-1 activity kit for kids that inspire them to be creators, artists, makers, and scientists and keep them engaged constructively with fun-filled yet educational activities. Suitable for Age 8+
  • Fun engaging games to develop the cognitive skills and to keep kids away from TV/Mobile


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