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In case you’re wondering “Why WondrBox?” well, here it goes!

I am a mother of two adorable daughters and I always find it quite difficult to search toys and games for my toddlers. Not only kids outgrow really fast, they get bored of those toys very easily and quickly too. While filling up space with new toys was one option, another was to find something that will not merely serve the purpose of fun. That being said, I have always had the passion for teaching kids but certainly not the boring way. That’s when I thought of WondrBox – a hands-on kit with activities that focus on both learning and fun simultaneously. The process went on to crafting activity sets that will help kids learn, increase confidence, kindle friendships and explore the world of science, mathematics, arts and crafts, all at the same time.

Looking at my 7 months old and 4 years old daughters, I see varied interests in both of them. It’s harder to keep elder kids off mobile. Also, it’s difficult to persuade them to not go play outside under the harmful UV radiations of the sun during summers. That’s exactly how we turned up with four different WondrBoxes – keeping in mind their growth, interests and level of understanding.

WondrBox aims to lessen your burden of searching interesting new toys every now and again, to keep your kids engaged in fun learning activities and let them explore the world with hands-on experience.

We, as WondrBox, are excited to help providing this experience for your family.

Please do write in to us and share your experience. Happy exploring the boxful of activities!